jthere was a young woman about my age at the gas station this morning when i got off work who looked like she was struggling with her car. since it was 4am, and she was alone i thought i would go offer to help so that she didnt end up with some creeper trying to.

she said she just needed a jump so i told her that was no problem and opened my hatch to get my cables. she had a weird ass look on her face but i ignored it. she finally says ‘mine is different. its an old car’ it was probably an early 90s corolla. so i smiled and reassured her that it just meant it may take a bit longer to jump but that i wasnt in any hurry. she insisted that it wouldnt work because hers was a toyota and mine was a scion. i wondered if she was serious but it was clear she was.

i tried to explain that jumper cables are a universal thing but she wouldnt hear it and wouldnt let me even ‘try’. so i gave up and told her that scions are made by toyota and so it would work fine because mine has a toyota engine. i popped my hood and showed her the emblem under the hood. and she finally let me jump her.

wtf man.

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